hate the player, hate the aim

WhineyG666: Dude, what's Nick's AIM

Amy: Why?

WhineyG666: Because I want to know how the fuck this Juan MacLean record is "nihilistic." Fuck is he talking about?!

Amy: i dunno, nick is always hearing stuff in records that i don't hear. must be his overdeveloped brain.

WhineyG666: or our natural ability to spout convincing bullshit
WhineyG666: Look, I'll do it right now
WhineyG666: Who is Mike Jones? is the most existentialist record of the year. His self-referencing style ("Mike Jones!") is so hyperbolic that it can only be percieved as an ironic exaggeration of his own self-hatred concerning his solipsism, pegging himself as the ultimate anti-anti-hero.

Amy: nice
Amy: but deep down, that might not be bullshit

WhineyG666: Also, back then hoes didn't want him. Now hot hoes all on him.

Amy: Right, even though he's the same size.


Blogger amy said...

oh man you are one of those people that saves IM conversations! now i know that i can never say anything incriminating when talking to you.

4:07 AM  
Blogger Christopher R. Weingarten said...

I learned it by watching you!

9:19 AM  
Blogger Marie said...

have you heard my cat's new song? it fucking out-solips the hell outta any other solipsist. alsos, better than Hate Beak, because it has that trance beat the kids love for late July.

my cat has a song. that's funny!

3:04 PM  

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