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Finally making a career decision I can support, UK dorkspazz chortlecore goofus-rockers Test-Icicles have split. They leave behind timeless songs like "LMNO Hoes" and an eternal flame of frothing, well-deserved hype not enjoyed since the days of the Datsuns.

For a somber obituary, CMJ posted this news story: Test Icicles Go Balls Up. Seismologists are still calculating the final vibrations from the waves of lolz following the release of that headline (submitted by our own Jessica Suarez).

I thought we should come up with some alternates. Here's my list, featuring contributions from Jessica, Matthew Field, Eric Davidson, and bossman Steve Ciabattoni. Feel free to add your own! All you need is a working knowldge of the English language and an 8-year-old's grasp of subtlety!

Test Icicles Disband—Are they Nuts?

Test Icicles Sacked By Label

Test Icicles Finally Dropped

Test Icicles Call It Quits—And Right When They Had It All In The Bag

Test Icicles Taint Career With Nasty Break Up

Test Icicles Finished Before Scratching The Surface Of Their Potential

Test-Icicles Reunion? Members Still Stiff

Test Icicles Break Up: No Baloney

Test Icicles Over, Still Living High On The Hog

Test Icicles Log Out

Test Icicles Leave Without A Peep

Test Icicles Give Fans The Shaft

Test Icicles: Tool And Die

Test Icicles Quit, Have Name That Sounds Suspiciously Like Genitals


02.27 // From gigwise.com // Test Icicles Blown Away By Fans' Reaction

02.28 // More from Jessica // Test Icicles Leave Fans Hanging


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