booze clues

thanks to the ever-astute rob sheffield for articulating the thought i've had in my head for a few months, but have been too lazy to formulate into a linkable meme.

"Weirdest ad campaign: those Hennessy "Never Blend In" billboards with Marvin Gaye, who could not be here today to collect his royalty check, as he was shot to death by his alcoholic dad. It's like sticking Brian Jones into an ad for swimming pools."

Just wanted to send an extra special bonus beats shout-out to Miller Beer for getting Flavor Flav--someone whose life has been ravaged by substance abuse problems--for your snarky ads. A CGI approximation of John Bonham is awaiting your phone call, boys!


Blogger Stacia said...

sweet jesus that's just awful!

1:04 AM  

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