"Yeah (Thanksgiving Stuffing Mix)"

Animal Collective: Webster Hall, 11.20.05
LCD Soundsystem: Nokia Theatre, 11.23.05

Animal Collective is the best jam band on the planet. Even when they are tuning up and poking at their outputs it sounds gorgeous. A stage light could fall on Geologist's little work station, and you could play the sound at your wedding.

Firstly, "Tonight At Webster Hall: Animal Collective"... what the fuck planet is this?

Seriously, we are at Code Ween here! Once the hippies get ahold of this (the real hippies that play digeredoo and do capoeria moves in the student union yard at football schools, not the drippy boho simp urbanites at the show in hand-stitched fairy gear), it is fucking over. Close your ears, and AC even looks like Phish on stage. Avey Tare wiggles his little furry oysterhead like Trey Anastasio, and Sea Deaken gets downright white-funky. (By the way, openers Excepter are the worst jam band on the planet.)

Speaking of pot, why would you bring depressants to an LCD Soundsystem show? At the risk that you might accidentally dance? Next time, I will fucking narc on you to the flashlight guys and not think twice.

LCD's James Murphy is like chubby, scruffy nerd who made a record in his bedroom in college and now gets to have a band. I don't know if music writers relate to his story, but I'm shocked that crits don't beat him up because they are jealous that this geek somehow fell in the in crowd and made it--as opposed to having to write about music instead of play it. I wonder if he mispronounces "Rakim" wrong in "Losing My Edge" on purpose.


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