cleanin' out my closet: 2005

To clean out the right scroll of my blog. Here are my 50 favorite records and 20 favorite singles of 2005. Collect them all.

top 50 albums
1. dalek – absence
2. jesu – jesu
3. farm fresh – time is running out
4. orthrelm – ov
5. m.i.a. – arular
6. clipse – we got it 4 cheap, pt. 2
7. odd nosdam – burner
8. mouthus - slow globes
9. fm3 – the buddha machine
10. animal collective - feels
11. deerhoof - the runner's four
12. father’s day – spank the world
13. growing – his return
14. quasimoto – the further adventures of lord quas
15. lcd soundsystem – lcd soundsystem
16. alvo noto + ryuichi sakamoto – insen
17. blueprint – 1988
18. mannie fresh – the mind of mannie fresh
19. lichens – the psychic nature of being
20. system of a down - hypnotize
21. mike jones - who is mike jones?
22. gate to gate – i turn black keys
23. paul wall - the people's champ
24. konono no. 1 - congotronics
25. oren ambarchi - triste
26. why? – sanddollars, the ep
27. keith fullerton whitman - multiples
28. sage francis – a healthy distrust
29. excepter – throne
30. antony and the johnsons – i am a bird now
31. run the road
32. opeth – ghost reveries
33. black dahlia murder - miasma
34. earth – hex: or printing in the infernal method
35. princess superstar – my machine
36. radio pyongyang
37. mary gauthier – mercy now
38. supersystem – always never again
39. eluvium – talk amongst the trees
40. big bear – big bear
41. the perceptionists – black dialogue
42. beanie seagal – the b. coming
43. high on fire – blessed black wings
44. felipe and forte - shaggy black
45. slim thug – already platinum
46. wooden wand and the vanishing voice – buck dharma
47. wolf parade – apologies to the queen mary
48. prurient – black vase
49. sunnO))) – black one
50. kanye west – late registration

top 20 singles
1. ying yang twins - "wait (the whisper song)"
2. my chemical romance - "helena"
3. fall out boy - "sugar, we're going down"
4. d4l - "laffy taffy"
5. r. kelly - "trapped in the closet (part one)"
6. lcd soundsystem - "daft punk is playing at my house"
7. david banner - "play"
8. kanye west ft. jamie foxx - "gold digger"
9. four tet - "smile around the face"
10. antony and the johnsons - "hope there's someone"
11. mike jones ft. slim thug and paul wall - "still tippin'"
12. mike jones - "back then"
13. trillville ft. snoop dogg - "some cut (remix)"
14. three six mafia ft. young jeezy, eightball and mjg - "stay fly"
15. system of a down - "hypnotize"
16. paul wall ft. mike jones - "they don't know"
17. the game - "dreams"
18. amerie - "1 thing"
19. daddy yankee - "gasolina"
20. the legendary k.o. - "george bush doesn't care about black people"


Blogger Stacia said...

i love it when you clean out your closet. happy new year doll face.


1:51 AM  
Blogger blackmail is my life said...

this is a reminder that now that i've seen growing like four times, i should really buy their record. have you heard psychic paramount's last record? if not, you'd probably like it.

more people really liked that paul wall record than i thought would too. i'm excited to count down like 30 (maybe...maybe 50) to 11 once my new blog launches.

10:04 AM  
Blogger dwainjackson2522144857 said...

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3:04 AM  
Blogger Dany said...

lo que paso, paso is a better daddy yankee song

5:41 PM  
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